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Exhaust Repair & Replacement

Burwood Automotive and Exhaust offers a full range of exhaust repair and replacement services. And, of course, a complete range of Berklee quality exhaust components.

At Burwood Automotive and Exhaust, we can repair, as well as replace, your exhaust system as required. By repairing a muffler or replacing only a section of pipe, this can often keep the cost to a minimum. Catalytic converters can prove costly if genuine replacement components are fitted. At Burwood Automotive and Exhaust, we can replace just the required unit and retain original pipework. Euro3 and Euro4 specs are not a problem.

A leaking or poorly functioning exhaust can be dangerous, so don't put off an inspection. Call us today on 03 9888 7000 to arrange an inspection.


Does your suspension need checking?

Contact the friendly team at Burwood Automotive & Exhaust on (03) 9888 7000 or send us an email and talk to us about how we can help you.



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